Evie, once bright, plucky and ambitious, sank into alcoholism and depression ever since her beloved mother, whom she was once very close with, abandoned her without warning and never come back. Trying as hard as she can to drink away her loneliness and misery for 6 years, by pure chance Evie comes across her mother again. Unstable, angry and drunk, Evie grabs a baseball bat and tracks her mother down, determined to get answers for why she was discarded and destroyed so long ago. But Evie's mother has changed for the worse, and Evie's already fractured heart is about to split in two..... This film has a theme of how alcoholism and loneliness can have a dark cycle- one's behaviour whilst drinking may push those close to them away, they may drink to try and make themselves feel better, which will push people away more, make them drink more to feel better and ultimately make them feel worse, and it goes on. Some people, however, are unaware that they may be responsible for the way someone has become and ironically resent behaviours in other people that they themselves are responsible for. And as the final moment of this film shows, a combination of alcohol and rage can make someone do something they will regret forever, but can never undo....


Hello. My name is Matthew Sorflaten, and I wrote the script for the short film ‘’Evie’’, which was released by Inferno Switch Film productions. I was delighted to have this opportunity, because I had been writing stories about the Evie character for four years when the film was made(6 years now), and it was so exciting to see the character finally brought to life(alongside her cold-hearted mother, Mrs. Winter).


The film was an interpretation of a scene in the fourth book of the series Evie features in(tentatively titled ‘’The Creepy Chronicles of Christmas Leaf’’)so it was even more rewarding to see part of my book in live action. Evie is one of the main protagonists in the aforementioned book series, and she is very much an anti-hero- she’s an alcoholic, she’s bad-tempered, rude, lazy and has completely given up on life. It is revealed in the fourth book of the series(which the short film was based on)that it was Evie’s mother’s neglect and indifference towards her that led Evie to become the aimless drunk that she is- beforehand, Evie was bright and aspiring with many ambitions, but when her mother, who she was once very close with, stopped caring about her(for reasons to complex to explain here- why not read the books if you’re curious!?)Evie, feeling worthless, stopped caring about anything herself.


I feel this film really captured the emotions Evie felt upon finally facing her mother again after many years being apart from her. She was filled with rage and vulnerability, impulsively violent, bent on revenge, yet it was evident part of her still cared for her mother and yearned for her approval- but when her mother continued to reject her coldly, Evie snapped, unleashed all her pent-up rage and murdered the woman with whom she wanted nothing more than to be close with.


I am aware that some people are confused by the film- they do not understand why Evie felt she had to KILL her mother, why she called her a fascist, what her mother’s evil plan was- this is because the film is adapted from one scene in a much longer story- if they want to know THAT badly, they could always contact me on msorflaten@gmail.com, and I will send them the stories- I have written 5 stories so far featuring Evie, and plan to write many more.


I hope that I will get the opportunity to have more films featuring Evie and other characters from what I call ‘’the Christmasverse’’ produced in the near future. If anyone is curious about anything else I have written, aside from contacting me on the email address I have given, if you look me up on Amazon, several short stories I published are available there(for just a penny each!) I think that’ll do. For now, I’ll say adieu!

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