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We are a passionate, ambitious crew who want to succeed and continue to grow in the future. We see ourselves as filmmakers and practitioners attempting to break into the industry and into the light – we want to make films which encompass emotions of pure rage, fire, passion and determination to succeed.


This is why we want to submit to this many festivals, make this many films, and continue to make films. This is a career, a life, a pledge to film and a jump into the void. 

Becky endures another mundane shift at the Coffee Shop until a series of customers force her to contemplate ditching the job forever. The story follows a struggling cafe worker who is desperately trying to survive one of the worst shifts of her life. The film attempts to address the feelings of alienation felt by minimum wage workers in coffee shops.


Customer service is one of many minimum wage jobs that require constant face to face interaction. For an alienated and disengaged employee, confrontations such as these after a long period can become repetitive, boring, and analytical. Coffee Chains also offers suggestible notions about coffee addiction and the negative side effects which follow. Read more.

How the project was funded by our fans:

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for the short film Coffee Chains: £1,562

link: here

Evie, once bright, plucky and ambitious, sank into alcoholism and depression ever since her beloved mother, whom she was once very close with, abandoned her without warning and never come back. Trying as hard as she can to drink away her loneliness and misery for 6 years, by pure chance Evie comes across her mother again. Unstable, angry and drunk, Evie grabs a baseball bat and tracks her mother down, determined to get answers for why she was discarded and destroyed so long ago. But Evie's mother has changed for the worse, and Evie's already fractured heart is about to split in two..... This film has a theme of how alcoholism and loneliness can have a dark cycle- one's behaviour whilst drinking may push those close to them away, they may drink to try and make themselves feel better, which will push people away more, make them drink more to feel better and ultimately make them feel worse, and it goes on. Some people, however, are unaware that they may be responsible for the way someone has become and ironically resent behaviours in other people that they themselves are responsible for. And as the final moment of this film shows, a combination of alcohol and rage can make someone do something they will regret forever, but can never undo.... read more.

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