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We are dedicated to supplying a premium product right from the start. That's why planning is so important to us. With any project, it all starts with a detailed plan of action. 


Whether it be Wedding, Live Event, Music Video or Short Film, filming is always on our minds. You may have particular questions about filming which we can answer. 


This is the part where you can see what we are cooking in the oven. We provide updates in the editing process so that you can review footage of your product. You'll also be able to suggest or request any changes at this point before we move on to delivery. 


Success! We have collaborated on this product, and you are happy with the result. Most commonly, there are two ways in which we can execute delivery; physical copies

and digital copies. 


We never rest on our laurels. If you believe we have provided an excellent service, why not recommend us to a colleague? They could receive a 10% discount on our services by being recommended by you, a satisfied customer.  

At Inferno Switch Films we want to cover stories that move people. That's why we not only film live events, we construct cinematic elements around the final videos. We don't just shoot wedding videos, we craft them with care. We work with companies who really care about their story, and the journey that they are on.   

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Muswell Hill, London, United Kingdom.

Contact: louis@infernoswitchfilms.com


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