Inferno Switch Films complete the production of their multi-award nominated short film, Coffee Chains (2017).

Inferno Switch Films is a collection of freelancers who are trained to fulfill your videography contract requests to an extremely high standard. Each freelancer who is assigned to your contract must pass our inspections and requirements. They have been accepted by Inferno Switch Films as a professional who can represent our company to the highest standard, therefore each time you hire with Inferno Switch Films you are trading with excellence.  

Our passion for film is inherent in our cinematic videography style, using a combination of storytelling techniques, smooth camera movements, sound design and musical scores to create beautiful final products. We care about telling a great story, after all, that’s what the name Inferno Switch Films is inspired by. It’s about when you are reborn from the ashes of a situation; it’s about that moment when you have lost all hope but somehow find a way. You decide to overcome that obstacle, your mind switches, and like an inferno flame, the old-self makes way for the new. We work with many clients who are subconsciously telling the same story through their work (Personal Trainers, Musicians, Engaged Couples, etc.).  

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Muswell Hill, London, United Kingdom.



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